Soap Saving Tips

Waterfall Soap DishHandcrafted soaps are not drying like commercial soaps and are worth the extra cost to keep your skin soft, smooth and irritation free. Handcrafted soaps retain the natural glycerin in the soap, it helps keep the moisture in your skin. But it also can make your soap soft and it will get used up more quickly.
Here are some Soap Saving Tips to make your handcrafted soaps last longer.

1. Soap Savers, these come in many styles. The idea is to keep your soap dry in between use, keeping them dryer keep the bar harder and it will last longer. We have a small plastic soap saver. I know they are not “All Natural” but they clean up nice and last forever. We also have a nice cedar soap deck for those who prefer a natural way to keep your soap dry in between use. We even have one that helps keep your sink clean, the Waterfall soap dish.

2. Place your soap in the shower where the spray doesn’t hit it directly.

3. Some people go the extra step of alternating bars in the shower, so the bars have extra time to dry out in between use. I have a basket of soaps that I sometimes use for this.

4. When your soap ends too small to handle, wet and stick it to your new bar. The smaller the used bar the easier it is to stick to the new bar.

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