View From My Window – August 2014

Fasci - view from my windowMy view from my window has changed significantly.  While part of me is saddened, there is a part that is very happy.  For lots of different reasons, we have been considering finding a new home for my mare Fascination (Fasci) for some time. I was using her less and less, especially since our neighbors moved away and I no longer had my helpers come every morning to help me with chores. But I refused to part with her unless I could find her a good home and I did. A young girl contacted me and came to visit and she just fell in love with Fasci. She sends me pictures and tells me tales of their adventures together ( I never knew Fasci liked to swim!). It seems like they have both found their best friend and I think Fasci is happier with all the attention and spoiling, that only a young girl knows how to do. Her new owner is better than I had hoped and this story definitely has a happy ending.

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