View From My Window – September 2014

We have been thinking of going solar for sometime and now we are happy to say we have finally done it. In 1986 we built a tiny passive solar home. It worked well  and was a very comfortable home. Family emergencies moved us north to live with Dean’s father and we missed our little home.

After a few years we were on our own again and we dreamed of building another passive solar home but doing a full passive solar house just didn’t work out. We did incorporate many passive solar designs to take advantage of as much of the sun’s energy as we could afford at the time. Since we have a large south facing roof, it is a perfect set up for a solar photvolactic system. So now in addition to our super insulated house and solar gain through the windows, we have a 10kW photovoltaic-solar system on the roof to making electricity.  This will supply all of our electrical needs with a capacity to convert our hot water over to electric which we plan to do in the near future.  We use a lot of hot water here at Alabu. 

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