View From My Window: Springing into Warm Weather

summer party

Spring is hard here in the northeast. The start of fall usually is a welcome relief from the hot humid summer. It is exciting with crisp clean air and the beautiful display of colorful leaves; but no so with spring. There are ice storms and snow storms, cold temperatures, wind, rain and mud.

We know eventually it will all give way to warmer temps and spring flowers, but it is so hard to wait. One thing we have started to do while we are waiting for Spring is to have a Summer party. I use Dean’s March birthday as an excuse to turn our house into a tropical paradise. I turn on the heat and use Yankee Candles Sun and Sand candles to help create our summer atmosphere.  I decorate the house and if it is not sunny I make a big sun and put it on the window. I plan a summertime menu and make big fruit platters decorated with pineapple tops. If I think of it I have beach boys music playing too. Our little friend Peabody even puts on his summer surfer clothes. The grandkids love it all and the grown ups have a fun spring afternoon too.

We all get a little reprieve from the cold weather, even if we have to make it ourselves inside the house.

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