Ah- Choo

Wash with Alabu Soap

Ah-choo! We have been hearing way too much of Ah-choo this winter. All the grand kids and some of the adults have been hit with some sort of illness this winter and it still seems as if it’s going to be causing havoc right into Spring. With little kids it’s not easy to keep your kids healthy. So what can you do to reduce your sick days? One of the easiest ways and one near and dear to our hearts is to wash your hands often. Of course if you ask we would recommend only using hand sanitizer when you can’t use Alabu Goat milk soap and water; soap and water is recommended as the best way to remove germs from your hands. Try to wash your hands every time you come back home too. Another easy way is to increase the amount of fresh fruit you and your family eat.

  1. Keep tissues handy and practice washing your hands after using them.
  2. Practice germ-free hand drying- use paper towels or buy a stack of cheap bar towels and use once and toss in the laundry.
  3. Clean your food prep work surfaces in between each use.
  4. Clean the floors more often, so dust doesn’t accumulate and get mixed into the air you breathe.
  5. Try to get some fresh air and sunshine everyday and take at least four deep breaths too; it helps to clear your lungs.

And oh by the way if you haven’t donated blood lately ~  it’s time! The need is great and you’ll feel great about helping others in need.

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