Children’s Games

IMG_2971We had our daughter’s five children here for the weekend. They are good kids but what were we thinking right? My daughter asked if she should bring board games for them. I said ok, but in my head I was thinking I would have to play Candyland all weekend.

Everything did not go perfectly. Such as Miss Number Eight the always smiling baby, was not content here at night with out mom. It was actually a common emotion throughout the weekend, verbalized with a teary ” I miss Mom”. Except the baby, she screamed and screamed. So we cried uncle and spoiled the parents weekend away by calling and requesting they come get the baby and keep her at night, which they did.

That first night we got to bed late handing off baby to mom and dad. Then Miss Number Two, who had been traumatized earlier that evening by baby’s screamed came into our bed around 3:30. Which prompted Dean to get up, not usual for him, but I thought I would try to get some more sleep. Then about 15 minutes later Miss Number One came in and I said ok you get in over here. When Mr Number Three appeared I gave up and we all got out of bed, I may or may not have thought about crying.

But then I was pleasantly surprised when someone shouted “who wants to play a game” and all four sat down quietly and played a garden game. I thought wow, with all the hours they have spent out in the garden they still want to play a garden game. It was really nice to see kids that play games that are not on electronic devices. That afternoon a good friend came to our rescue and took the older 4 to a school musical, which gave us a quiet break with smiling baby. The weather was cold and wet outside so in between watching christmas movies they played games and put puzzles together and we all survived the weekend and were very happy to see mom and dad.

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