A Father’s Love

DeanDean has always been a good father. As a new mom it took me a long time to realize that fathers parent differently than moms. Moms naturally want to nurture and protect our kids. When our children are little we mothers often worry about father’s being too laid back in protecting our kids. Fathers let their kids, (especially boys) take risks, play rough and learn through experience. But if we moms can take a step back we can see that both parents play a vital role in raising happy, productive and well adjusted kids.

Now that our own kids are grown with children of their own, Dean is still a great father to them. You probably don’t know that Dean juggles many jobs besides Alabu. He does I. T. consulting for K-12 education as well as a few book keeping jobs and keeps everything on our small hobby farm maintained and running. Somehow he still finds the time to lend a hand to our kids when needed. From jumping on the tractor ( after he is already showered and ready for bed) and driving out to help our son-in-law bring the deer he just shot out of the woods, to becoming part of the fall clean up crew for our son’s landscaping business. Right now we often take care of one set of grand kids or the other. At the end of a long day, he is right there to help take care of the grandkids when I’m tired and trying to get them fed and in their pajamas. Thank you Dean for all you do for our family.

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