A Little Side Trip

We ended up taking a little vacation in the Smoky Mountains last month. It’s always nice to get away to recharge your spirit. A change of scenery, rest and relaxation is good for the soul. The mountains are just beautiful and just what we needed. We were a bit surprised that the weather was beautiful and comfortable while our home in upstate NY was experiencing a heat wave and drought.

In the end we couldn’t resist a side trip (a 10 hour drive) to visit the munchkins who now reside in the hot sunny Florida. I suppose it was perfect weather for Florida, but surprisingly it wasn’t hotter than home. Everything was green because everyday we usually got a shower. The grandkids didn’t know we were coming and were so excited when they saw us. I thought the hugs would never end. They now live in a more spacious home and they are loving it there. The kids love to go out and see all the new creatures that reside there. Besides the geckos and lizards, large birds like storks and sand cranes wander through their neighborhood every day. We had a great visit and they showed us a few of their favorite places. We felt happy driving home, now that we have seen where they live. They are happy and settled into their new life.

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