Mar 10

What We’ve Been Up To

We started talking about our new look at the beginning of this month. The change to our new look is going to be a process that may take several months, but it will be well worth it. A part of this new look is new packaging. We have also changed the name of our lotion sticks and Baby Face Moisturizer. You may have seen something about this if you follow us on twitter or facebook. Continue reading →

Feb 10

Another Step!

In the upcoming month we’ll be attending the Boston Gift Show. This is one of the steps we’re taking to increase the number of stores that carry our products. This isn’t a craft show like we’ve been doing. It’s a show where store owners come to find new products to carry. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to talk to a lot of stores about our products. Continue reading →

Feb 10

The New Photo Setup

Yesterday we introduced our New Look. We are all really excited about it. During this process, we are going to be changing our product pictures on our website as well as literature. Hal has been working really hard to make our pictures look as professional as possible. Continue reading →

Feb 10

New Look, Same Great Products

Over the last 10 years Alabu has gone through many changes. Some have been more obvious than others. Currently we are going through the process of making a few more. One major change that we are making is to the look of Alabu. Continue reading →

Jan 10

Antibacterial Soaps: Providing a False Sense of Security

The H1N1 virus has hit a lot of people this flu season. With the limited supply of H1N1 vaccines, people are encouraged to wash their hands often throughout the day using an anti-bacterial soap. Is this necessary? Will anti-bacterial soap keep you healthier this flu season? Continue reading →