Seasons of Your Skin- 6 Tips for Autumn Skin Care

imagesThe variation in the seasons changes your skin care needs. As we fall into autumn, (I know – bad pun) the air outside is getting unkinder and drier.  As we start turning the heat inside, that dries out the inside air. You can see and feel your skin is becoming drier. The dry air inside and outside is a double whammy for your skin. But what can you do? Here are some skin care tips to help keep you comfortable in your skin.


  1. Keep hydrated. One of the most important things you can do for you skin is to drink water. People think they only need to drink a lot in the summer, but the truth is you need to stay hydrated all year long.
  2. If you like hot showers; Stop it! Hot water takes all the naturally occurring protective oils off your skin and dries it our even more. Take shorter warm showers instead.
  3. When it is cold outside, bundle up to protect your skin. Cotton is best next to your skin to avoid unnecessary irritation.
  4. Switch to a moisturizing soap. Most soap you buy in the store is very drying. I never realized this until I started making my own goat milk soap. I grew up with Ivory and Dial and didn’t know my skin wasn’t supposed to feel like it shrank after a shower. Hand made soaps are better than commercial soaps, but I think it is hard to beat Alabu goat milk soap. Our Baby Me soap is especially moisturizing. I actually formulated it for babies but it is our most popular soap now.
  5. Moisturize morning and night. In the morning it will provide a protective barrier to reduce evaporation. Moisturizing at night is most effective when done right after your shower or bath when your skin is clean and still moist.
  6. Switch to a heavier moisturizer in the fall or if your skin tends to be very dry. A nutrient oil based moisturizer with beeswax, like Alabu’s Shea Body Butter is especially helpful to protect against moisture loss through your skin.



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