View From My Window – December 2014


After 35 years of marriage my husband Dean, still amazes me. Two years ago our son Hal who had become an integral part of our business, had second thoughts of working in the skincare business for the rest of his life.  Even though it would mean major changes in Dean’s workload, he only wanted what our son wanted. He happily worked together with our son to create a smooth exit plan.  Hal  is now growing his own property management business (Terra Mira Property Management ) with his wife and his childhood best friend.

I’m not very mechanically inclined and our growth had made it necessary to bring in some machines for labeling and filling. Yes, I used to do this all by hand. So now Dean not only is managing inventory he also does areas of production that I can’t do on my own.  Our latest sale was bringing in more orders than I could possibly handle over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Dean helped pack orders when I was behind and got up early on Monday and packed a good portion of the orders before he went off to work. Yes, he still has a demanding consulting job other than Alabu.  He is so hard working.  He thanks me for putting up with him because he is so driven to accomplishment. But there would be no Alabu without him. I say thank you Dean, for always looking for ways to make my life easier and making my dreams come true.

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